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"A Last Time for Everything" is the fourth episode of the third season.


Opening title[]

Aeon has heard about Trevor's new method for creating exact human duplicates.

Act 1[]

By the time the episode starts, Goodchild has perfected a method of human cloning. Determined to put an end to the operation, Aeon and a fellow agent Scaphandra, who is a double-agent for Bregna and lost parts of her feet on a crossing and had a hand-transplant to replace what had been lost, cross the border into Bregna. As Aeon rushes towards Trevor’s base of operations, Scaphandra is captured and taken to Goodchild, who takes a sample of her for copying. Aeon comes in, frees Scaphandra and tackles Trevor about the ethics and inner purposes of his operation.

Act 2[]

Deliberately presenting an opportunity for Trevor, Aeon allows him to take a sample of her, though Aeon smashes Scaphandra’s sample. After Aeon leaves, Trevor copies Aeon for himself. It is revealed to be a complex plot by Aeon to inflict maximum pain on Goodchild by exchanging places with her Copy, toying with Trevor’s feelings, then allowing her Copy to kill her. But as she performs her half of the mission, the real Aeon begins to lose herself, developing feelings for Trevor and vice versa. But, while she is still herself, she orders her Copy to kill Scaphandra. The Copy carries out her twin’s request, pretending to cross the border with Scaphandra and hanging back, allowing the turrets to cut down her treacherous partner.

Act 3[]

It is then that the real Aeon, who now looks and dresses very differently from her old self, comes and confronts the Copy. The two Aeons, reluctantly, go to perform the border run and Trevor, not wanting the Aeon he has come to love to die, orders the turrets to be deactivated. The two Aeons do part of the run, then, as Trevor watches in horror, the real Aeon stops and allows the turrets to shoot her, just before they are shut down. The episode ends with Trevor cradling Aeon’s body, shedding tears, while the Copy escapes back into Monica.



  • The title refers to the phrase "a first time for everything".
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