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"End Sinister" is the tenth and final episode of the third season.


The episode explores the themes of evolution, culture shock, and future shock across time and space.

Opening title[]

Trevor plans to shoot a ray that will change the course of human evolution.

Act 1[]

A spaceship crashes to earth with 1 survivor in a stasis pod, the other crew having succumbed a plague. A satellite test fires a ray back to the earth. Trevor Goodchild expects the ray to kill weaker organisms, thereby making all earth life more resilient. Before he can proceed, Aeon Flux steals the satellite control and buries it in the woods outside of Bregna. She finds the stasis pod in the woods and revives the alien inside. Trevor's henchmen capture the alien; Trevor examines it and finds signs of exposure to his ray. While he goes to investigate the ship, the alien escapes from the laboratory.

Trevor and Aeon explore the ship together. Trevor believes that the crew's death proves the importance of his evolution project. They make out as the alien secretly watches, using telepathy to read their feelings.

Act 2[]

The alien drops by Aeon's home, where it mistakes her hospitality for a pass. The 2 are fascinated and repulsed by each other's sexual practices, and the alien decides to take its chances with Trevor. Trevor is convinced that the alien is the key to evolution and accompanies it back to its homeworld to cure the plague. Aeon wakes up after Trevor has taken off, so she programs the pod to sleep until he returns.

Arriving on its homeworld with Trevor, the alien finds an incomprehensible landscape, It realizes that it is the only 1 of its kind and returns to earth with Trevor.

Act 3[]

Aeon awakens after thousands of years and finds Bregna apparently overrun with aliens. An elderly Trevor is also there, caring for a hybrid human/alien infant. Aeon panics and runs to the forest, where she digs up the satellite control. She fires the satellite at the "aliens", but is shocked when Trevor tells him that they were in fact evolved humans whom she has now annihilated.

A few survivors of the ray board a spaceship bound for the alien homeworld. During another visit to the city Aeon confirms that Trevor was telling the truth. She returns to the pod and sleeps there together with Trevor.


"We are all winners, those who will be left once I use the ray. We have already evolved so much our actions would be incomprehensible to a human from a thousand years ago. It's the evolution revolution. Go forth and multiply."


  • The episode title is a pun on bend sinister, a sign of illegitimate descent in heraldry.
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