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"Ether Drift Theory"


Opening title

"Trevor's experiements in artificial lifeforms are contained in an ecosystem called the Habitat. An ocean of paralytic fluid protects it from the intrusion of outside influences…"

Act 1

Aeon and fellow agent and friend Lindze infiltrate a secret base called the Habitat, a place where mutants and artificial lifeforms live in a stable environment, surrounded by a sea of liquid which induces paralysis in any lifeform exposed to it. Lindze and Aeon are there both to rescue Lindze’s boyfriend and to destroy the facility. Soon after they arrive, Trevor and one of his human experiments arrive, destroying Aeon’s ship in the process, though the experiment is quickly subdued by a swarm of metal-sensitive wasps.

Act 2

It turns out that Lindze’s lover, a scientist named Bargeld, is sick from an artificial disease and has developed a way of changing the composition of the paralyzing fluid around the base, allowing all the people trapped there to swim to safety. Though her inadvertent action spilling a drink on broken eggs as she hides out in a cafeteria, Aeon unleashes a substance that quickly expands and eats away the structure of the facility, much to Trevor’s anger. Everyone must work to get out before the paralyzing sea floods the base and traps them all. Bargeld dies before he can escape, and he also leaves behind the key to his device for changing the sea.

Act 3

Aeon rushes back to find it as Lindze and Trevor escape. Aeon finds the key, but is trapped by the paralyzing fluid and ends up floating in the sea as the base disintegrates. In a final cruel twist, the key nearly slips into the device as it drifts, but just misses and leaves everyone to their fate, Aeon included.


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