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"Gravity" is the first episode of the second season of Ӕon Flux.


While on a mission Ӕon falls off an airplane and finds herself in a situation of no escape, while falling she spies on an industrial vehicle and tries to uncover it's purpose.


As the episode opens, Aeon and Trevor are kissing through the windows of their transports, with the former being in a plane and the latter being in a train. As they do, Trevor uses his tongue to open up Aeon’s fake tooth and place a rolled up picture inside. After the two of them part, Aeon spies an industrial vehicle driving past. Aeon then retrieves the picture from her tooth to find it is a photo of a fellow passenger, and a suitcase. She climbs out and moves along the side of the plane to spy on the man, who is reading documents from the same suitcase. Aeon must jump mid-air to the back of the plane to get inside, but she misses and falls. Realising her fate, Aeon prepares to shoot herself, but distracted by the industrial vehicle from earlier stopping at the edge of a cliff. The workers pull at ropes to bring something to the surface while an intrigued Aeon struggles to keep her binoculars at her eyes from the air resistance. She notices a bridge near the point where she will land, and shoots her grapple at it. At the same time Trevor’s train is passing over the bridge and inside he is kissing his Breen lover. While she swings from the rope Aeon is again distracted by the men salvaging the object which is obscured from view by the cliff, but is glowing brightly. Aeon’s distraction leads the rope to loop around her neck. A moment before she can clearly see what the object is, her neck is snapped.


  • The title refers to the storyline where Aeon is falling for most of the episode.
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