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"Isthmus Crypticus"



Act 1

Trevor has 2 humanoid birds held captive, named Seraph-Trevs, the Female of which he is trying to seduce. Meanwhile, another scientist named Ilbren is planning to have his way with the Female, even going as far as trying to employ Aeon to capture it and offering the Male in return. Their meeting is interrupted by a mechanical tentacle, which Ilbren fends off with a swarm of robot wasps. The Male Seraph-Trev is securely held in a separate cell, reduced to a state of abject misery by separation from his mate. Aeon plans free them from Ilbren and Trevor’s designs, and to do so employs an old friend of hers, named Una, to translate directions to the Birds’ chambers. Una is a social misfit like Aeon and has apparently fallen in love with the Male Bird, of whom she is sent a picture (it is revealed that the Male seemingly sent out the bird with the picture, perhaps as a call for help).

Act 2

Though distraction to the picture prevents Una from translating the directions in the time she is given beforehand, Aeon and Una infiltrate the base anyway. Una guides Aeon through the network of tunnels, but then sets out on her own to find the Male when she realises where Aeon wishes to go. Ilbren finds and ambushes Trevor, tying him up and making his way to the Female. Trevor breaks free and finds Ilbren with the Female, while Una and Aeon are arguing over the Male.

Act 3

Aeon blows a hole in the wall dividing the two Birds and the Female rushes to embrace her mate, but one of Ilbren’s robot wasp escapes and stings the Female, killing her. The Male, though saddened, takes Una and the two fly off in an ecstatic embrace. Trevor kills Ilbren and, mourning the death of the Female, tells Aeon to go to Hell. Aeon replies “Will you fly me there?”. The episode ends with Una and the Male flying through the clouds, though a small mite from the Male jumps onto Una and bites her, hinting that she will meet the same fate as the Female.


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