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"Leisure" is the third episode of the second season of Ӕon Flux.


During her free time Aeon goes on an errand run.


Aeon enters her living quarters to find a container of eggs she was keeping in her refrigerator. But she finds that Trevor, who is in a cupboard, has had them all. Angry, Aeon leaves her apartment, but before venturing outside the Monican base, she witnesses another agent fail to successfully complete jumping through a complex climbing frame. Aeon steps up to practice jumping through, just as the other female agent walks away, and flawlessly executes the complex routine. Later, she enters a strange base and collects some of the same eggs seen earlier in her apartment. Resisting the urge to leave, Aeon breaks one of the eggs and analyses the broken contents under a portable microscope and finds an aggressive infant form of a strange “alien” lifeform. The infant dies as a result of her probing. On her way out Aeon is confronted by an adult alien, but she holds up one of the eggs and threatens to break it if the alien attacks her. She runs away, and the alien triggers a grid barrier similar to the one at the Monican training base. Aeon begins surmounting it with ease, but the Alien, with its four legs, is far faster and swiftly catches up to Aeon, killing her.


  • The title refers to Aeon's decision to intermix the mission with personal interests.
  • This is the only episode in Season 2 where Aeon is not on a mission.
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