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"Pilot" is the first and last episode of season 1.


Aeon has to fight off Breen soldiers while on a mission to assassinate a Breen official.


The episode starts with the now-famous scene where Aeon catches a fly with her eyelashes. We then cut to an apparent battle between Monican agents and Breen forces, with Aeon liberally mowing down dozens of soldiers on her quest to apparently assassinate a Breen Official, though most of them are already sick and dying from a strange disease carried by an azure beetle. As hundreds of soldiers die in the sewers, Trevor Goodchild finds and takes in one of the beetles, hiding it in his finger and carrying it with his lover to the top of the building where Aeon’s target is sleeping. While going there, Aeon sees Trevor and the woman fondling each other, and shows signs of longing for such treatment. As Aeon travels on her own path, Trevor uses the infectious toxin in the beetle to formulate an antidote, which he first uses on himself and his lover. Aeon has travelled up onto the roof, unwittingly picking up a tack from a loose cable fastening on the sole of her boot. As she prepares to kill her victim, she steps on the tack, stabs her foot and falls from the building to her death. The Monican authorities destroy her body and burn her apartment, while Trevor is hailed as a hero for developing a cure for the virus. In the final part of the episode, a young boy is seen buying a magazine with Aeon exhibiting a foot fetish, while Aeon goes into a strange heaven where a spirit does to her what she exhibited in the magazine.


  • Originally titled "Ӕon Flux" is the first and last episode of the first season of Ӕon Flux. Originally airing on MTV's animation showcase program "Liquid Television" as 6 individual shorts, with a consecutive story, with each short spanning 2 minutes, the shorts were compiled into one 12 minute pilot episode upon the home media release, serving as the sole episode of Season 1.


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