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"Tide" is the fourth episode of the second season of Ӕon Flux.


Aeon is at a sea base with a fellow agent on a mission to get to a door and uncover what it is hiding while interfering in Breen attempts to destroy the base.


In the episode, Aeon and her red-clad companion are descending from the high floor of a sea base, carrying a key. As the two enter a lift, they are attacked by Trevor, who is easily knocked out by Aeon, but not before he pushes all the lift’s buttons at once, sending the lift down through all the levels. She handcuffs him, but drops the floor number attached to the key, leaving her no choice but to go down from level to level. On each floor, Aeon shoots up the stairwell to keep a pursuing Breen soldier at bay, tests the key on that floor’s locker and shoots a distant sky hook that is attempting to latch on to the railing of a small, distant, water level platform. Each time she exits the lift, Trevor and the red-clothed agent make love, with the agent springing back to either guard Trevor or try to retrieve the number. Aeon begins to suspect and sets a trap, exposing the agent’s weakness. The agent attacks and apparently kills Aeon as she advances, then comes out on the correct floor for the key and finds an odd plug-shaped object in the locker; not knowing what it is for, she discards it. Without Aeon to keep him at bay, the Breen guard runs down to the small platform, killing Trevor on the way, and helps the sky-hook get a grip on the platform’s railing. Just before the red-clad agent reaches them, the sky-hook lifts up the entire platform, revealing an identical plug attached below it. The base sinks and the agent is left stranded.


  • The title refers to the water surrounding the base.
  • This episode marks the only time in the series when Trevor dies.
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