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"War" is the fifth and last episode of the second season of Ӕon Flux.


Monican and Breen soldiers wage war on each other.


This episode focuses on a massive battle between the leather-clad, dark-haired Monicans and the soldiers of Bregna, with Aeon Flux in the thick of battle. During the course of the battle, Aeon cuts down dozens of guards before she is knocked down by a Breen guard who had been playing dead. Aeon sees another Monican agent creeping up on the guard and keeps him distracted with alluring tongue movements. But the Breen sees the agent and kills him and Aeon. The Breen makes his way into the battle, slaughtering dozens more attackers, and encounters a long-haired, super-fit Monican agent (called Romeo Svengali in the DVD commentary) with a sword. The Breen tries to shoot the agent down, but the bullet is deflected and the Monican kills the Breen. We then follow the Monican as he opens a way into a heavy-duty prison and heads up into a Breen airship, killing more soldiers before being shot in the chest. The track then switches to a redhead female Breen agent who infiltrates the base and frees someone who seems to be her lover from his cell. They run, pursued by guards, but are heading towards a pool of grease started when the Monican opened the gate.


  • The title refers to the combat seen.
  • The agent's name is a reference to Romeo Montague and Svengali.
  • This is the only episode in the series where Aeon dies at the beggining.
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